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The Digital News Mindset - Esther Ng

September 3, 2020
Welcome back to the new podcast series from the Asia chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association! AAJA is a community of journalists, academics, entrepreneurs, and students across the world who are committed to advancing diversity in the news industry and promoting the highest standards of journalism.
Each year AAJA-Asia holds its annual New.Now.Next Media conference - N3Con - to bring together members from across Asia. The theme for our virtual conference this year is #TheNewFrontlines, covering the pivotal events unfolding across the world - global pandemic, global protest, global recession, and ongoing geopolitical competition. Although the conference has just ended, we will continue to bring thematic and informative panels via our Digital N3 Salons.
Coinciding with this year's conference, we're publishing this series of interviews, featuring working journalists and news leaders, with an emphasis on diversity.
In this episode, we talk to Esther Ng, the first chief content officer for Malaysia's Star Media Group. In this episode, we discuss how she transformed the print publication into a digital-first outlet by changing the editorial team structures, overseeing both digital and print content, and taking charge of the editorial direction of the whole publication.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and the series. Please let us know what you think. Reach out to us at aajaasiapodcast@gmail.com. If you like what you hear, please remember - sharing is caring.
Also, please consider becoming a member of AAJA. The organization is all the stronger with your support and participation.
Thank you, and stay safe.

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